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<a name="aturi">Angela Turi</a>

Angela Turi


Main areas: public contracts, public companies, litigation both civil and administrative (Regional Courts).

Angela qualified in 2011 and has since then practiced in administrative law.

After graduating in Administrative Law from the University Roma Tor Vergata, in 2006 she gained valuable work experience in Rome as an intern with the Antitrust Authority – Legal Affairs Office. Here she learned more about antitrust law, an issue at the heart of incorrect business practice and the safeguarding of consumer rights.

Angela started her profession first in Rome at a legal practice specializing in administrative law, in particular the public contracts sector, and then in Milan at an important firm focusing in construction, urban planning, business and competition. She joined Merani Vivani & Associati n 2014.

In recent years she has built up experience in the field of public companies and in litigation before the Administrative Regional Courts regarding the procurement of public contracts of works, services and supplies, local government and business.

She has a good knowledge of the English language.

<a name="ftriveri">Francesca Triveri</a>

Francesca Triveri


Main areas:
environment and energy law, public services, expropriation, civil and administrative (Regional Courts) litigation.

Francesca qualified in Genoa in 2011.

After graduating at the University of Genoa, she started her training period in a law firm based in Genoa, where she continued working as a lawyer specializing in civil and administrative issues.

In 2016, she moved to Tosetto, Weigmann e Associati, a prominent law firm based in Turin and Milan. Her activity involves mostly environmental and urban planning matters.

She joined Merani Vivani & Associati in 2017.

Francesca advices both public bodies and private companies mainly as to environmental matters, focusing particularly on legal issues related to recovery, waste disposal, mining, permits and authorizations procedures.

She is a litigator both before administrative and civil Courts in cases connected to her field of expertise.

She has a good knowledge of English.

<a name="rgiannatempo">Roberta Giannatempo</a>

Roberta Giannatempo


Main areas:
public contracts, public tender procedures, litigation both civil and administrative (Regional Courts).

Roberta graduated in Administrative Trial Law from the University of Turin with a thesis about damages’ compensation in the administrative field.

After her legal trainee both in civil and administrative law, she graduated at Turin Law School “Bruno Caccia e Fulvio Croce” with a thesis about special powers of the Italian public entities accounting Court (i.e. Corte dei Conti).

Roberta qualified in 2014 and joined Merani & Associati in 2015 where she’s gaining valuable experience in administrative law, in particular public contracts procedures.

She has a good knowledge of the English language.

<a name="aiurascu">Aura Iurascu</a>

Aura Iurascu


Aura Iurascu graduated in Law with a final grade of 110/110 at the University of Turin with a thesis in comparative administrative law on the subject “The discipline of the green public procurement in Italy and in Romania: comparative profiles”.

In May 2019 she started her training at the Merani Vivani & Associati.

She is a native Romanian speaker and her English is fluent.

<a name="cceriani">Claudio Ceriani</a>

Claudio Ceriani

Of Counsel

Main areas:
commercial and company law, civil liability, litigation.

Claudio Ceriani graduated from the University of Milan in 1988 and he was admitted to the Milan Bar in 1991.

From 1999 to 2003 he was a partner at Studio Legale e Tributario MDM, where he led the corporate and commercial practice. Since 2003 he has been founding partner of SCF Law Firm.

Merani, Vivani & Associati and SCF have shared a “best friendship” status for years since both the name partners operate as mutual of counsel in their main expertise.

He has wide experience in both litigation and international trade, as well as cross border investment procedures, purchases of equity interests and related due diligence, negotiations and contracts drafting.

He often acts as the entrepreneur’s advisor as well as taking part in strategic decision making.

Claudio Ceriani has also acquired major expertise in tort liability and personal injury law, especially for foreign clients and important insurance companies.

He habitually works in English and French.

<a name="rditolve">Raffaella Di Tolve</a>

Raffaella Di Tolve

Of Counsel

Main areas:
urban planning and construction, public service law, public authorities, public contracts, school and university, administrative (Regional Courts) and civil litigation.

After graduating in administrative law in 1995 with a thesis on the subject “Safeguarding of the environment and legitimacy in the jurisdictional dispute”, Raffaella di Tolve started working as a trainee with the law firm led by Claudio Dal Piaz, Professor of Administrative Law at Turin University. She qualified in 1998 and continued her activity in the same law firm, specializing mainly in the fields of administrative and civil law.

Through such experience, she acquired a significant knowledge of administrative law, both advising and assisting public bodies and private entities, as well as public servants, before the Administrative Courts.

Her main areas of expertise include urban planning and construction, public service law, public authorities, school and university law, commercial authorizations, public health law, cultural and environmental assets, public accountant liability.

In the field of civil law, Raffaella has dealt in particular with litigation issues before the Labour Court as regards work relationships in the privatized public sector.

She joined Merani & Associati in 2015.

She has a good knowledge of English and a fair knowledge of French.

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