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<a name="cmerani">Carlo Merani</a>

Carlo Merani

Name Partner

Main areas:
public and private tenders, public contracts, public services, urban planning, cultural heritage. Administrative (Regional Courts and Court of Appeal), civil litigation. Dispute resolution. Arbitration.

Carlo Merani is the name partner of the practice.

Until 2001 Carlo was a partner in the Ludogoroff law firm in Turin, leaving to lead the team of lawyers practising in Administrative Law at the renowned international law firm of Allen&Overy until 2004. This was valuable experience in public sector tenders on both a national and international level. After a subsequent period as Head of the administrative law department at Professor Mario Bin’s practice in Turin, in 2007 he founded, along with other colleagues, Merani & Associati, from 2017 named Merani Vivani & Associati.

Carlo advises public administrations and private companies undertaking significant public works and important urban projects. In recent years he gave legal assistance on the works necessary for the successful running of the Winter Olympic Games held in Torino in 2006, as well as in the procedures for tender of such works. He has also acted as legal consultant in the environmental monitoring of the Straits of Messina Bridge project, in the urban, environmental and building issues relating to the significant construction projects, as well as to various PPP and PFI proceedings and agreements (project financing, service concessions).

He has become an expert in legally advising public entities involved in public services, assisting administrations in the process of privatisation and in procedures to set up public/private companies.

He is a lawyer for various entities and foundations working to safeguard and manage Italy’s cultural heritage.

Carlo regularly leads conferences and seminars in public contracts and administrative justice. He is the author of numerous articles and papers on public contract law.

He has a good knowledge of both spoken and written English and Spanish.

<a name="cvivani">Claudio Vivani</a>

Claudio Vivani

Name Partner

Main areas:
environment and energy; public services; public contracts; administrative (Regional Courts and Court of Appeal) and civil litigation.

Claudio is name partner in the firm.

He graduated cum laude at the University of Turin with a thesis on European environmental law, then he achieved a Ph.D. in Public Law at Pavia University with a research on environmental damages.

He was adjunt professor of Environmental Law at the UPO (University of Piemonte Orientale) from 2004 to 2014, adjunct professor of Administrative Law at the University of Turin from 2014 to 2016, adjunct professor of Environmental Law at the University of Turin from 2017 to 2019 and he’s currently adjunt professor of “EU and Transnational Environmental Law” at the Engineering Faculty in the University of Genova.

After qualifying in 1995, he always practiced as an administrative lawyer: more in depth he experienced the international law firm Allen & Overy and then the prominent Italian law firm Tosetto, Weigmann & Associati, based in Turin and Milan, where he worked from 2001 to 2016, becoming equity partner in 2006.

Since 2017 he’s name partner of Merani Vivani & Associati.

Claudio is a recognized and well-known expert in the field of environmental law, specifically in all legal aspects concerning renewable sources, energy, waste management, recovery, environmental damages, administrative procedures for permits and authorizations, environmental impact, emission trading, pollution (air, water, noise, asbestum, electromagnetic), sanctions and environmental public services.

Due to his solid reputation, he is the author of several publications and a speaker at conferences and meetings on environmental law topics all over Italy.

He is an experienced litigator before administrative and civil Courts.

Claudio’s English is fluent.

<a name="alauria">Antonella Lauria</a>

Antonella Lauria


Main areas:
urban planning and construction, real estate, expropriation, public contracts, civil litigation and administrative (Regional Courts and Court of Appeal) litigation.

Antonella Lauria is a founding partner and has been a practicing lawyer since 1997.
From 1998 to 2002 Antonella worked for a law firm in Turin specializing in administrative law and then spent two years in the same field as part of the team of lawyers at the Turin offices of noted English law firm Allen & Overy. After a short period as partner in Professor Marino Bin’s legal practice, she left to help found Merani & Associati. She acts as a legal consultant to both public administrations and private enterprises (individuals and companies) for urban planning and building projects, expropriation, real estate projects and public contracts.

Her fields of expertise are as a consultant regarding the drafting of variations in planning regulations, environmental impact evaluations and strategic environmental planning. She also advises both public and private enterprises in the stipulation and the execution of public agreements in urban planning, construction, requalification projects.

Antonella also advises several Municipalities and private companies or individuals in the procedures for the building permits, focusing in urban planning standards, cubage, variations, special permits, issues related to the costs of construction. She also advises public administrations in expropriation proceedings and compensation issues.

Qualified lawyer for the Corte di Cassazione (Italy’s highest Court), Antonella has considerable experience in acting before both civil and administrative Courts (Regional Administrative Courts and Court of Appeal).

<a name="aborsero">Antonella Borsero</a>

Antonella Borsero


Main areas:
public and private tenders, public contracts, consultancy with foreign clients, advice on calls for tender abroad, administrative litigation (Regional Courts and Court of Appeal).

Antonella Borsero is a founding partner in the practise. Qualified since 1999 her main areas of expertise are in administrative law and public contracts.

Between 2001 and 2004 Antonella was part of the team of lawyers practising administrative law at the Turin offices of renowned English law firm Allen&Overy. She followed this with a brief period at the law firm of Professor Marino Bin before leaving to set up Merani & Associati.

She acts as a consultant for public companies and cultural institutions, advising them on procedures involved in contracts for public works, services and supplies. She regularly collaborates with the public tender offices of various companies, in their participation in calls for tender and the drafting of statements, offers, supporting documents and contracts.

In recent years she has had significant experience in acting for Italian firms involved in bidding for public tender contracts overseas, including extra-european countries, and for foreign companies bidding for tenders in Italy, as well as in negotiation and drafting of public contracts and subcontracts for works and project management abroad. She has also acted for important Italian and foreigner project management companies and for construction companies in the negotiation of works contracts, subcontracts and service contracts, further to advising them in the execution matters. Antonella frequently attends seminars organized by the F.I.D.I.C. (International Federation of Consulting Engineering) and has experience in international contracts on the F.I.D.I.C. model Jellow Book (ed. 1999). She was a contributor to the World Bank research “Benchmarking Public Procurement 2016 – Assessing public procurement systems in 77 economies”

She has worked on diverse due diligence operations in the fields of administrative law, public contracts and administrative litigation. She is a qualified lawyer for the Corte di Cassazione (the highest Court in Italian jurisdiction) and regularly represents clients before the Regional Administrative Courts and the Court of Appeal (Consiglio di Stato) in proceeding regarding bids for tender and sanction proceedings before the anti-corruption Authority (A.N.A.C.).

She has a near native-speaker level of English (Cambridge Advanced Certificate 2016), both spoken and written, and a good knowledge of French.

<a name='esordini'>Elisabetta Sordini</a>

Elisabetta Sordini


Main areas:
Environment, public contracts, public tender procedures, public-private partnerships, local public services.

Elisabetta Sordini got her Law Degree from the University of Genoa (Italy) with a thesis on Government Aids for environmental protection.

She is a qualified lawyer since 2002. After a period as a trainee at Mauceri Law Firm based in Genova and specializing in administrative law, she continued her career in Milan at CBM & Partners in the field of public contracts and local public services.

Thus between 2004 and 2017 Elisabetta continued her professional experience at Bormioli Law Firm based in Genova, becoming partner in 2007.

In January 2018 she joined Merani Vivani & Associati and she has recently become partner.

She currently advices both private companies and public entities mainly in the field of environmental law and public contracts, providing assistance and consultancy during tender procedures and in all matters related to contract management.

She also is an experienced litigator before the administrative and civil Courts.

Elisabetta has good knowledge of English.

<a name="sabellonio">Simone Abellonio</a>

Simone Abellonio


Main areas: environment and energy law, public services, expropriation, urban planning and construction, civil and administrative (Regional Courts and Court of Appeal) litigation.

Simone is a partner in the practice. Qualified since 2005, he has always worked as an administrative lawyer.

After graduating at the University of Pavia with a thesis on the challenging of building permits, he worked until 2009 for a law firm specialized both in civil and administrative issues. From 2009 to 2016 he was an associate lawyer at Tosetto, Weigmann e Associati, a prominent law firm based in Turin and Milan, where he built up a solid experience in the fields of environment and energy law, as well as public services matters.

Since 2017 he joined Merani Vivani & Associati as a partner of the firm.

In recent years he has particularly focused his activity on assisting clients in the procedures for the release of authorizations in renewable energies. He has also taken part in several due diligence operations, being responsible for the environmental and energy sector.

Simone is an experienced litigator both before administrative (TAR e Consiglio di Stato) and civil Courts.

He has a good knowledge of written and spoken English.

<a name="acermele">Andrea Cermele</a>

Andrea Cermele


Main areas:
public tender procedures, public contracts, administrative (Regional Courts) and civil litigation.

Andrea is a partner in the practise.

Qualified since 2008, his main fields are administrative law and public contracts. After graduating in Law with a thesis on “Service Contracts in the Public Sector” and experience as a trainee in the same field, between 2004 and 2008 Andrea ran the legal office of a noted Italian company specializing in service contracts, both public and private, global service and facility man-agement. Andrea joined Merani & Associati in 2009 and became a partner in 2013.

He specializes in public tenders, regularly advising public bodies in the drafting of tender notices, regulations, terms, minutes and contracts. For the private side, he drafts statements, offers, support-ing documents and subcontracts. Andrea also regularly works with public offices dealing in tenders and with private firms, by also acting on behalf of businesses competing for tender.

In recent years he has further enhanced his knowledge and experience of PPP and, in particular, the procedures involved in the concession of works and services, real estate leasing and project financ-ing. Andrea regularly acts for clients before the Regional Administrative Courts in proceedings related to public tender procedures.

<a name="astrafezza">Antonia Strafezza</a>

Antonia Strafezza


Main areas:
Administrative law, public contracts, urban planning, administrative (Regional Court) and civil litigation.

Antonia Strafezza was admitted at the Milan Bar on 2007.

After graduating in Law at Milan University, she attended the Scuola di Specializzazione in Professioni Legali “Bruno Giordano e Annamaria Giovannetti”.

Then she has been working for more than 10 years at Casella-Brambilla Pisoni-Borasi-Brambilla, a law firm focusing on administrative and environmental matters.

Antonia started her activity at Merani, Vivani & Associati on January 2020 and she is based in the Milan office.

Her practice is focused on administrative law and public contracts, urban planning and environmental law.
She is also a litigator before the Administrative (Regional) and Civil Courts.

<a name="rserventi">Roberto Serventi</a>

Roberto Serventi


Main areas:
public and private tenders, urban planning, public accounting liabilty, environmental law, civil and administrative (Regional Courts) litigation.

Roberto Serventi qualified in 2008.

After graduating with a thesis on environmental law, Roberto began to practice in administrative law. On finishing his training, he briefly worked for a law firm specialising in civil law, in private contracts and dispute resolution. He returned to administrative law in 2009 when he joined Merani & Associati. He advises both private companies and consortia on the execution of contracts, on both the relationships with employers (public and private) and the management of sub-contracts. In recent years he has gained significant experience in environmental law and urban planning in general, advising companies on authorisation procedures and working on land clean up and pollution proceedings.
Roberto works mainly in civil litigation over contracts and at hearings on accounting responsibility before the special Courts for public accounting liability (Corte dei Conti).

He has a good knowledge of the English language.

<a name="ccicchetti">Claudia Cicchetti</a>

Claudia Cicchetti


Main areas: 
public and private tenders, public contracts, public health, urban planning and construction, administrative (Regional Courts) and civil litigation.

Claudia got her degree cum laude with a thesis on administrative law that gained the right of publication.

She was admitted to the Turin Bar in January 2009 by getting special awards for achieving one of the best results at the qualifying exam.

From 2005 to 2018 Claudia worked within Prof. Vittorio Barosio law firm in Turin. In May 2018 she joined Merani Vivani & Associati.

Claudia focuses her practice on administrative law and public contracts. She has gained a wide range of experience advising and representing public health authorities and is an expert in public health issues. She gives as well her advice in urban planning and construction, civil law and accountability matters.

Claudia regularly acts in both administrative (Regional Courts) and civil litigation.

Claudia has a good knowledge of English.

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